Finch Translation Inc./Language Service & localization

Products and Marketing/Services and Advertising

At Finch Translation, we think it is vitally important to clearly understand our clients' needs, such as the use to which the documents will be put, and convey this to everybody concerned with the project.

We never use the same approach for every case - instead, we flexibly choose the best one depending on the client and job in hand according to its individual requirements and conditions. We respond to our clients' needs by ensuring that translators assigned to the project have real experience, and understand its implications.

Web and Publishing

What happens if you need to produce web content, catalogs or pamphlets in several different languages?
At Finch, we can handle many different file formats, so whatever the file, we put it into the translation process and deliver it to the client in the same format.

If a client specifies a particular application or preference, the translation will reflect it. Of course, we also write advertising copy.

Legal, personnel and administrative

If you are responsible for a large number of suppliers and vendors, or for personnel affairs like compliance and labor management, or legal matters requiring legislative decisions in all areas of company business, you are probably looking for a translation company that has the highest level of specialization, reliability and convenience.

When you entrust a document to us, we go over the fine details with you and answer your questions promptly so that you can use the translation as soon as you get it back.

Translators assigned to each project have experience in each particular field, and a thorough understanding of each case. We can also sign a confidentiality agreement; please specify this if you require it.

Technology research and clinical application

Translations which involve product or new technology development, or clinical research of pharmaceutical products, demand specialized knowledge equivalent to or greater than language ability.
At Finch, our large translation team has actual experience in their individual fields so that they fully understand the purpose of the documents entrusted to us, and can translate them using living language. This understanding of real-world applications is our strong point.

We appreciate the need for collaboration and communication with our clients. We flexibly sense and adapt to tight schedules and time constraints in the workplace, and always choose the best way to provide support without neglecting to provide progress reports at suitable intervals.

We bring a high level of skill into the client's workplace, and provide a new dimension of service to respond to client needs.