Finch Translation Inc./Language Service & localization


We have experience in many different fields including food/drink, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, finance, trade, automobiles, industry, energy, non-ferrous/metals, infrastructure, IT, fashion, apparel, education and academia.


Product pamphlets, company brochures, plans, bid specifications, contracts, estimates, sales projects, Due Diligence, financial market reports, newspaper/magazine articles, patent application publications, patent specifications and patent infringements.

Software (localization), specifications, standards, industrial product manuals for automobiles, heavy machinery and industrial machinery, documents related to transport infrastructure such as railways, and ISO/ANSI/MILSPEC/IEC/JIS standards

MSDS, toxicity tests, chemical fiber standard test reports,
fat chemistry.

Medical device/tool and medical diagnostic equipment operating manuals, pharmaceuticals and medical device applications and clinical test reports, drug indications, product comparison reports, GCP, GMP-related data, FDA rules, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare statutes, medical research papers