Finch Translation Inc./Language Service & localization

Finch translation is an LSP (Language Service Provider) based in Japan. But more than just the translation quality of the documents entrusted to us by our clients, we offer a professional service that features ease and convenience, and contributes to the success of our clients in business.

Even in extremely specialized fields, our skilled and experienced translators provide the highest translation quality. We stress QC (Quality Control) at all stages of the translation process. For tasks which normally require great effort like terminology management and proofreading, we never waste our clients' valuable time.

When it comes to the actual translation, there are many cases where the translation skills required go far beyond a single specialized field. Even in cases like these, we organize a wide-ranging network of human resources for optimum efficiency, so that we can respond adequately to the needs of each individual case. We also handle all tasks ancillary to the translation which might arise such as correction of drawings and tables, and generation of web content.

At Finch Translation, we don't do product testing, but by handling the "words" that link users with products and services, i.e., product and service interfaces, brochures and operating manuals, we enhance the level of satisfaction of your own customers.
If you are seeking to establish an effective localization workflow, if you plan to expand your business in Japan, if you are looking for a footing in Japan, or if you already have an optimum workflow, and you are interested in our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We might be able to find an opening which will improve your position.